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13,95 incl. BTW.

NO.01: Pinot Blanc Mittersteig Gerhold

The geography of the Mittersteig Cru features gentle slopes with deep clay and high lime content - ideal for Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder).

The area covers 0,52 hectare, evenly divided between 23 and 16 year-old vines. A low average yield  of only 3600l/ ha in the last few years guarantees a high maturity/ripeness.

Mad Man Share: 480 Bottles.

Out of principle, our Pinot Blanc is harvested without Botrytis (a type of grape fungus),
to maintain maximal fruitiness and clarity of aroma, taste and aftertaste.

After fermentation, the wine is stored until January / February on the lees and  
bottled in late March.

2015 is one of the Years ever, and according to the producer:
the Pinot Blanc is the best barrel in the cellar!!

Mad Man agrees...



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